Saturday, November 7, 2009

We're still alive....

Seriously?  It's been OVER a month since I've posted on here?  I am a disgrace to the world of bloggers, and I should have my blogging license revoked....or something like that.  Nevertheless, we are still alive and here... just extra, extra, extra (one more extra for good measure) busy.  Just when we began the countdown to the end of the soccer season, Caeden's soccer club opts to enter a tournament the weekend before Thanksgiving.  So, instead of soccer being over November 14, it's now over the 21st.  And did I mention that the weekend of the 21st is a tournament?  So, it's all soccer for 2 days?  It's all good.  I can honestly say this has been a really good experience.  We've met some really great parents (and one really AWFUL dad), and Caeden's had fun playing with some really sweet girls.  She doesn't get a break after soccer season, though, because basketball practice has already started.  Her daddy is coaching again this year, and I'm assisting him (LORD help us all).  

Other than that, things have been tres quiet in the Price house.  I'm including some Halloween Pictures for your viewing enjoyment!  I hope you have all been great!

Ok, so this is not a Halloween picture, but the Hubs had a birthday since the last time I posted, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Price!!!

Kai got to dress up twice for Halloween: once the Friday before Halloween at Gymboree, and the second time on Halloween.  She was the Princess Frog at Gymboree....she's just way too cute!  Even though I would have preferred she'd have dressed up as the Princess Elephant,  I can get over the frog for her!

Kai she often does!

Here she is at Gymboree.  She is so proud of herself and her costume.  Notice little Tommy on the bouncy thing behind her admiring her steez....Yeah, it's like that.

And for Halloween she was a Princess riding a pink pony...
She took the hat off, and gained a cookie. We went to the "safe trick or treating" at Publix... She wasn't too happy at first, but she eventually warmed up to it.

Here's Anna, Caeden, Madison, and Kai before we headed out on Halloween.  It rained, but the older girls were dead set on going out!

Same crew....
Here are Kai Baby and her daddy as they trick or treated.  She wouldn't physically walk to ONE door, but she wanted to go to EVERY door Caeden and her friends went to.  A MESS!


Amanda said...

Such cute pics!! Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog too! :)

Kembree said...

Oh gosh! The frog costume...ADORABLE!!! Happy Belated Peerless!! We can't wait for NYE in ATL :)